HR On Demand creates growth ans successful companies through supporting managers to source, develop and outplace the right people.


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HR On Demand creates growth ans successful companies through supporting managers to source, develop and outplace the right people.

Our approach is particularly suited to small and medium sized businesses that do not need, or want to build their own HR function. Our expertise and delivery capacity is worth gold for existing HR functions and HR managers who need extra support from time to time. On Demand.

As a client, you always have a dedicated consultant, but behind each consultant and assignment is our entire team. Together we have a broader and deeper experience in HR than any individual. This is available for you and your business and you do not need to hire someone or build your own HR function.

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Our Values

  • Quality - First and always. Strategic. We are always to associate with very high quality, especially in relation to our customers and to each other. People notice our strive for high quality in everything we do. We may never take shortcuts at the expense of quality. Everyone that we meet feel that we are well prepared, follow up our work and keep our promises. We give each other feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Passion - For HR, people and business. We have passion for what we do. A genuine interest in HR, people and businesses. Our communication is at a high level. We tell the world how we make a difference. Our customers are happy when we show up, because we are always happy and energetic.
  • Speed - In thought and action. Our customers feel that we know what they need before they need take time to explain. This is the key to our success. We shall always understand why. Fast. We take initiatives. We think before and after we execute. And we make things happen. We make decisions and find answers. We understand the customers’ need and business.
  • Together - 1+1=3. Together we are strong. But we are not stronger than our weakest link. We can all work independently. But we always communicate with our colleagues and our customers. There are always more and better ideas when we think together.


Sourcing goes deeper than recruitment and assessment. To place the right team is a complex process and a great investment.

We are more than a recruitment partner. We offer a variety of solutions so that you as a client can feel secure when hiring. We also support on getting the right employement contracts and to ensure an efficient onboarding.


Successful businesses and organizations are better able to manage change than their competitors. That always depends on their leaders, managers and employees ability to maintain high speed in thought, decision and action.

Our clients use us as a sounding board, support and advice . Together , we develop solutions, where it often remains so that we contribute with expertise and advice. We have seen it all and know what usually works in many different situations.


Labor law is a huge and complex area which also includes more than just laws and regulations. In Sweden we have a relatively unique model where employment largely controlled by employers and workers organizations . These agreements affects the employer’s workforce management.

We help you manage to interpret and comply with laws and regulations from a practical perspective . We know what you need to think about and can help you through most issues that may arise.

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